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Describes a trader's obligation to accept or make delivery on a futures contract. Related: Open interest.


1. The legal obligation to undertake an activity in a given way at a given time in the future. Usually, commitment refers to the requirement for parties to a futures contract to make or receive delivery of the underlying commodities on the expiration date of the contract.

2. A liability. A commitment is the obligation to make good on an agreement at some point. For example, a borrower makes a commitment to pay back a loan by a certain time.

commitment (loan)

An agreement by a lender to extend a loan on certain terms and conditions and by a certain date. Language making the “commitment” subject to credit approval or underwriting are not true commitments at all, but merely quotes.

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The aging of the population coupled with the fact that an increasing number of women commit frauds led criminologist Georgette Bennett to observe that white-collar crimes will increase as the proportion of older people in the population grows.
Research has shown that readiness to commit is a predictor of both initiating a relationship and overall relationship quality.
The same penalty will be levied against those who commit war crimes against other properties, and the draft law also provides for execution or life imprisonment for any individual that commits war crimes or crimes of aggression.
Solak also said children do not commit crimes for no reason.
Programs using the repeatable read page locking strategy or the RELEASE (COMMIT) table space locking strategy hold their respective page and table space locks until a COMMIT is issued.
Its cofounders had the experience and knowledge to conceive and commit to big ideas and to encourage spin-off innovations.
* Should the justice system focus on punishment or rehabilitation for- teens who commit brutal crimes?
Criminals have to choose whether to commit a residential burglary to satisfy financial needs or an act of vandalism to revenge a scorned lover.
Randy Forbes, a Republican from Virginia, authored the Mien Gang Removal Act, which targets immigrants who commit gang-related crimes and bars those with established gang ties from entering the country.
Still, surely there are people who commit what would ordinarily be considered crimes when they are mentally incapacitated: a sleepwalker who assaults a stranger while acting out a dream, say, or a Huntington's patient who throws a dish at his caretaker.
Karl Stephen Hughes, 36, of Alderwood Avenue, Speke, is charged with conspiracy to kidnap, conspiracy to commit blackmail, conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm, having a 1 firearm with intent and possession of a firearm.
They have 27 months to commit the funding for projects and up to five years to spend it, Sullivan says.