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DJ Vallauri, CoMMingle founder and president, said, 'While most hotels over the past year have jumped into social media marketing by establishing 'free' Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, they are now realising that unless they commit time and resources to these channels their efforts can negatively impact their branding online.
Smaller foundries may be able to commingle their various molding, core and shakeout sand streams, as long as the combined material is screened, magnetically separated and cores are crushed.
But I'm not sure how deliberately Murray plots such morals; it seems more likely that she works at a level on which forms commingle and confuse, everything melting together in libidinal polymorphous play.
These references to a larger history commingle with Oehlen's own eclectic interests in popular and underground culture.
The new system promises to make recycling participation easier by allowing residents to commingle plastics, paper and aluminum cans.
But what happens if the debtor commingles trust fund payments made for the benefit of their goods and labor suppliers with other funds not subject to trust fund protection?
In comments made to the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley has indicated that the city's Blue Bag program will be replaced by a collection program that commingles recyclables in 96-gallon plastic carts.
Quadrant Plastic Composites in Switzerland commingles fibers in its nonwoven SymaLite fiber mats.