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The tensions that exist between creativity and commerciality may still raise their head, but they will rise in entirely unexpected places as the areas of communications, commerce and customer experi- ence shift and merge.
He said the Indian firms would this month submit its commerciality report for the block's oil.
Additionally, the offeror is asked to certify the commerciality of the offered items.
The company subsequently undertook testing of this well in the second quarter of 2007, and applied for commerciality to Ecopetrol, the national oil and gas company of Colombia, in the third quarter of 2007.
The declaration of commerciality confirms the existence of substantial recoverable natural gas reserves in exploration block 12 of Cyprus' EEZ.
Upon the declaration of commerciality by the RE developer, and as confirmed by the DOE, it was prescribed that the RE contract "shall remain in force for the balance of a period of 25 years from effective date.
Muscat: The Ministry of Oil and Gas has approved the field development plan of Swedish oil firm Tethys for blocks 3 and 4, and consequently the declaration of commerciality where the exploration and production) term of block 3 and 4 is extended for a 30 years from the deemed discovery date of July 20, 2010, said a company statement.
EnQuest, the operator, is to evaluate the potential commerciality of the joint development of Scolty, Torphins and Crathes/Moon.
Further drilling will be required to establish the commerciality of the discovery," Cairn said in a statement, referring to the find at the CLPL-Dorado-91H/1z well drilled at a water depth of 1,354 metres (4,442 feet).
Luksar made the Tukhman and Mushayib/Faydah discoveries during its first exploration phase, although their commerciality remains far from clear.
Iran had in September 2008 approved the commerciality of the discovery and the three partners are now in the process of preparing a development plan.
These are bands that concentrate on music ability rather than image, and commerciality