Commercial loan

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Commercial loan

A short-term loan, typically 90 days, used by a company to finance seasonal working capital needs.

Commercial Loan

A loan made to a business to finance capital expenditures. "Commercial loan" is a fairly broad term, covering revolving lines of credit, as well as long and short-term debt. In any case, a commercial loan is made by a bank and is used to pay for expenses that the business, especially a small business, might not otherwise be able to afford.
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According to Helfant, the current credit contraction is due mainly to the Tax Reform Act of 1986, which took away incentives to invest in commercial real estate; and the Financial Institutions Recovery, Reform, and Enforcement Act (FIRREA) of 1989, which imposed much tighter capital requirements for commercial loans.
There are several barriers - both technical and legislative - that must be overcome to create a secondary mortgage market for commercial loans.
The annual Trigild Lender Conference grows every year and is an excellent symposium for the latest information on dealing with non-performing commercial loans.
L,LYG) is said to be planning to sell its Irish commercial loans portfolio.
In addition, with Silver Hill's unique program features and debt-to-income underwriting approach, more borrowers can qualify for financing and deals close more quickly than with traditional commercial loans.
Wynn says it's unfair and illogical that "a lending institution may opt out of providing data on the number and amount of commercial loans it makes to small businesses, small agricultural farms and minority-owned small businesses.
The bank provides commercial banking services, including real estate, construction, commercial loans and SBA loans, ranging from $50,000 to $30 million, to small- and medium-sized businesses in the Valley.
Robert Campbell, president and chief executive officer of TBLG, said the decision to implement credit application decision support technology like BizMark resulted from the company's upward growth pattern and need for consistent, centralized underwriting for small commercial loans.
1% from $113,987,367 to $127,782,919, which was primarily centered in commercial loans.
Through Community Bank of Nevada's current 14 full-service banking offices in Nevada, two loan production offices located in Phoenix and San Diego, and the recently acquired Cactus Commerce Bank in Arizona, it provides commercial banking services, including real estate, construction and commercial loans and SBA loans to small- and medium-sized businesses.
Heritage Capital Credit Corporation (OTC:HCPC) ("Heritage") announced today that it is preparing a Private Placement Memorandum ("PPM") in order to raise capital to fund asset backed securities backed by its BCLOC commercial loans.

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