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One who has sold a contract to establish a market position and who has not yet closed out this position through an offsetting purchase; the opposite of a long position. Related: Long.

Short Position

The sale of a security or derivative, or the state of having sold one or the other. It is important to note that a short position is not closed, and is applied only to sales where further action may be required. For example, one who has borrowed securities and has then sold them is said to be have a short position with respect to that security, because he/she must eventually return an equivalent amount of the borrowed securities. Likewise, one who has sold (or written) an option is in a short position, because the option may be exercised at a later date. See also: Long position, Close a position.


See short position, PROBLEM">[removed].
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JASON CUMMINGS 5 Failed to spot runners after coming short.
Spinning away after coming short for a Wayne Bridge throw, he squeezed past Barry Ferguson and Gardner, the latter not connecting hard enough with an attempted tackle.
If you give your heart and end up coming short, I don't think that's the end of a superstar.
He offered something different to Shearer and Michael Owen, the big guns, coming short to receive the ball and use his pace.
When coming short to receive the ball he knows when to hold it and when to play it first time.
He got three while fishing almost static, but because he was getting a lot of offers from fish coming short, he decided to alter his tactics.
Most of the Cork and Monaghan players are fed up of coming short.
He's much more dangerous backing into defenders in the box than coming short and here he held off Desailly as though he was no more than an irritation to turn and right foot across the keeper and into the right hand corner.
Coyle showed great feet to slip Kevin McGowne after coming short and slid a well-timed ball through to Stuart Taylor.
n Keeper Craig Samson came up trumps with a crucial save as the Buddies edged the shoot-out The gritty win Lennon's long wait to Hampden after coming short in the quarter-of the previous three competitions.
But Magilton's ploy to encourage striker Counago to get in behind defenders more instead of coming short, paid rich dividends.
He was always coming short to go long, long to come short, and he had a great understanding with Kevin Sheedy That was instrumental to a lot of the chances we created and a lot of the goals we scored.