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She's super-pretty and popular and now she spends most of her time with other people, even though they're not that nice to her sometimes and she comes running back to me.
The new footage from the movie includes one where Bilbo Baggins comes running on a bridge to see ruined buildings and smoke in the background.
Mallah, 27, wears long sleeves, pulling them over her hands whenever her 3-year-old niece comes running up to her.
When I go in to the paddock and shout for I go in to the paddock and shout for him and he comes running, it's him and he comes running, it's quite incredible.
He suddenly hears her screaming and comes running inside.
And second, are you going to be able to stay hidden when the buck comes running in looking for a fight?
A harried executive comes running out of his hotel, pushes a button on his cellphone and within two minutes his sleek Audi A7 is at the curb.
I go to the Waldorf [Hotel] and sing and I go to the van with the staffers and the girl comes running up and says, 'They want you in the Beast'," the Mirror quoted him as saying.
So when I ask for a price of a non-identified item, I will often simply say "Thank you," and walk on by, which the vendor thinks is part of my bargaining spiel, and often comes running after me with a "better price.
Meawhile, Jaime Marshall was in a neighbouring screen when she heard about the attack: "Some guy comes running in and he's running through the theatre, like the theatre's exits and he is like 'don't go out in the lobby, someone's shooting people out there.