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Applies to derivative products. Arrangement of options involving two long or two short positions with different expiration dates or strike (exercise) prices. See: Straddle.
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A union of two or more entities, either by merging one or more of the entities into another of the entities or by consolidating the entities into a new entity.
Case Study Lucas Industries PLC and Variety Corporation, two manufacturers of auto and truck brakes, agreed in June 1996 to a combination to be called Lucas-Variety PLC. Managements of both firms indicated the combination was necessary so as to remain competitive in a market that demanded a global presence. The combination also was expected to produce cost savings and to result in tax savings by allowing the new firm to benefit from Lucas's tax-loss carryforwards. Terms of the agreement called for the two firms to merge into a new company through an exchange of shares. Variety's owners would receive approximately 38% of the shares of the new firm while Lucas's owners would receive the other 62% of the shares. The market prices of both firms' shares rose following announcement of the agreement, an indication that investors agreed with managements' assessment of the financial benefits of the merger.
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Then cells were pretreated with probucol (0.1 [micro]M) and cilostazol (3 [micro]M) individually or combinatorially for 30 min followed by stimulation of tunicamycin (10 [micro]g/mL) for another 18 h.
According to Zhao (5), attempts to accelerate phase diagram studies combinatorially can be traced back at least half a century ago.
Definition 2.3 Let [??] be a smoothly combinatorial manifold and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] If g is symmetrical and positive, then [??] is called a combinatorially Riemannian manifold, denoted by ([??], g).
combinatorially possible readings should be available.
Furthermore, participants will now also select C given A and A given C in accordance with derived transitive and equivalence, or combinatorially entailed, stimulus relations without further training.
The effect of individually and combinatorially altering these nine cysteines was examined via cysteine-to-serine mutagenesis.
Combinatorially this problem is equivalent to implementing disjoint set operations.
Specifically, Gorenstein has developed molecules called thioaptamers, which are oligonucleotides that are combinatorially selected from large libraries.
This is because the combinatorially entailed relations within frames of opposition are frames of coordination.
We start by varying the values of price and transfers combinatorially. The value in each cell in exhibit 2 is thus the probability
"The operation's research-based techniques to address such optimization problems suffer from combinatorially explosive solution costs as the problem size increases, whereas traditional AI-based techniques make strong assumptions about the problem domain ...
Four hypotheses were tested: first, that 1 or more of the lesions would be overrepresented in cases; second, that a dose response and/ or threshold effect related to severity or extent would be demonstrable; third, that multiple lesions would act combinatorially to increase the risk of NI; and fourth, that among placentas with multiple lesions, those with lesions estimated to occur at differing times relative to labor and delivery would show a stronger relationship to NI than those occurring at the same time.

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