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Previously, applying the Digital Annealer to combinatorial optimization problems demanded expert knowledge and hours of work in order to determine control parameters most, appropriate for the problem.
Our goal in this paper is to develop and promote general combinatorial methodology for solving computational problems which, in many cases, provides better insight into algebraic and analytic manipulations.
The combinatorial design approach to automatic test generation, IEEE Softw, 13(5): 83-88.
To build the combinatorial libraries, Mirkin and his team used Dip-Pen Nanolithography, a technique developed at Northwestern in 1999, to deposit onto a surface individual polymer "dots," each loaded with different metal salts of interest.
Let (M, {a, b},K) be a triangulated Riemann surface with the period matrix [product], the combinatorial period matrix [[product].sub.K] and the associate matrix [[LAMBDA].sub.k].
(1) we point out the essence of key updating for combinatorial design based key management schemes which is a multigroup key distribution;
Thousands of multithread processes can vastly advance the computing speed of the universal combinatorial coding method.
In Krishna and Rosenthal (1996), it is shown that the simultaneous sealed-bid second-price auction with two objects and a single global bidder outperforms a corresponding combinatorial auction when synergies are present.
(5) Babbitt's arrays mostly consist of four lynes, and due to his use of all-combinatorial hexachords, each hexachord from a lyne will be combinatorial with a hexachord from another lyne.
We shall give new explicit expressions for [[mu].sub.n](a, b, c, d; q) and study three combinatorial models for [[mu].sub.n](a, b, c, d; q).
This paper provides an evaluation of the effectiveness of using the high throughput combinatorial approach for preparing phase diagrams of thin film and bulk materials.
In Part I the divergence theorem is established by a combinatorial argument involving dyadic cubes.

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