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National Cancer Institute (NCI), the combination of REOLYSIN(R) and paclitaxel was uniformly synergistic against six non-small cell lung cancer cell lines examined, including cell lines resistant to paclitaxel or REOLYSIN(R).
FAS 141 requires the use of the purchase method of accounting for all business combinations and prohibits the pooling of interests method.
The first step before any apartment combination is to determine whether the co-op or condo will allow the two units to be combined and what the co-op corporation or condominium requirements are.
To summarize, these models are the natural rate, output gap, activity, diffusion, combination, and indicator models.
However, after adjustment for CD4+ cell count and use of tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs, all rates were similar for those who had received any drug treatment, any combination therapy or no treatment.
A business combination may include (1) one or more entities merging or becoming subsidiaries, (2) one entity transferring net assets or its owners transferring their equity interests or (3) all entities transferring net assets or the owners transferring their equity interests to a newly formed entity.
Concluding months of redeliberations on all the substantive issues raised by constituents in connection with its 1999 proposal on Business Combinations and Intangible Assets, the Financial Accounting Standards Board unanimously supported the issuance of final statements on business combinations and on goodwill and intangible assets.
FDA and Bristol Myers Squibb are warning health, care professionals that pregnant women may be at increased risk of fatal lactic acidosis when prescribed the combination of the HIV drugs stavudine (Zerit) and didanosine (Videx or Videx EC) with other antiretroviral agents.
So the production of rubber-thermoplastic combinations by means of the two-component injection molding technique requires more effort than a combination of thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers (both materials are cooled down in the mold).
Approved September 17, 1998 for the treatment of HIV-1 infection, in combination with other antiretroviral agent(s).
They know little, if anything, about three-player combination - what they are, how they are executed, and the advantages they offer.
You can't hire half a teacher, so you form a combination,'' said New Vista office secretary Stephanie Robison.