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Ingredient companies are exploring vegetable juices and fruit juices for active agents that could be sources of potent coloring agents and antioxidants.
But the ingredients list also contains artificial coloring agents, as well as aspartame, the synthetic sweetener.
These kinds of eco-cosmetics are free of synthetic fragrances, coloring agents and preservatives.
They include biocides, coloring agents, fungicides and spreadability agents.
The best prospects are for high performance products such as quinacridones, which will experience favorable gains as end users require more exacting properties from their coloring agents.
Pyrotechnical materials contain an oxidizer and a reducing agent; depending on the application, binding material, propellant charges, coloring agents, and smoke- and sound-producing agents can be added.
Chantal launched its new Pure line of bakeware and tea accessories, made of ceramic stoneware and free of coloring agents.
Because the coloring agents also bind to the calcium in cement, concrete must first be treated with a chemical to tie up its calcium.
However, until such a wonder drug is available, all of us gray-haired sages will have to continue resorting to synthetic coloring agents and the solutions commonly used by salon stylists.
Phytochemicals are usually found in the coloring agents in fruits and vegetables, so eating the brighter colored types may have lots of benefits.
Milk must be collected daily straight from the cow and transformed within 24 hours, and contain no additives, preservatives or coloring agents.
Its proprietary flash freezing process prevents loss of nutrients and seals in natural flavors, so no sugar, preservatives or coloring agents are added.