collection period

Collection period

Accounts Receivable Turnover

The average amount of time it takes for a business to collect on its accounts receivable. This is calculated by multiplying the amount in accounts receivable by the number of days in a given period and dividing into the total amount of credit sales. Accounts receivable turnover is a way to determine how a business' credit risk compares to that of its competitors.

collection period

The number of days, on average, that a firm requires for collection of a credit sale. The length of the collection period indicates the effectiveness with which a firm's management grants credit and collects from customers. A short period is desirable because the firm obtains cash more quickly for reinvestment or for paying its own bills. The collection period is calculated by dividing accounts receivable by average daily credit sales. Also called average collection period.
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to date for the January-September 2017 collection period.
Eight hundred fifty-five edaphic organisms were collected (average number of individuals captured per trap) in area A14 during the first collection period (August 2012), using the PROVID method (Table 2).
The final rule defines an applicable lab as an entity with an NPI that receives at least 50% of its Medicare revenue from the CLFS or PFS and bills at least $12,500 under the CLFS during a six-month data collection period.
Regular grade 9 to 12 students were included in to the study, while students who were absent during the data collection period and those who were unable to respond to the questionnaire due to serious illness were excluded from the study.
Keywords: Working Capital Management, Cash Conversion Cycle, Inventory Conversion Period, Receivable Collection Period, Payable Deferral Period, Return on Assets
NO DOUBT in theory it sounds like a good plan, but I'm perturbed by a suggestion that a county council may switch its household refuse bin collection period from two to four weeks.
There is a significant relation between average collection period and value of the listed companies in Tehran stock exchange.
The long run survival can only be possible through efficient management of cash conversion cycle including receivable collection period, inventory conversion period and payable deferral period (Weinraub & Visscher, 1998).
During the collection period, beginning today and lasting until January 5, 2014, passengers are able to place cash donations in any currency or denomination, including small value coins, in special envelopes provided in aircraft seat pockets.
Its average collection period had come down to 25 days from 28 days.
The peer leaders raised $2,300 in total during the two-week period collection period.

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