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In the context of project financing, additional security pledged to support the project financing.


Assets pledged as security for a loan. In the event that a borrower defaults on the terms of a loan, the collateral may be sold, with the proceeds used to satisfy any remaining obligations. High-quality collateral reduces risk to the lender and results in a lower rate of interest on the loan.


Assets with monetary value, such as stock, bonds, or real estate, which are used to guarantee a loan, are considered collateral.

If the borrower defaults and fails to fulfill the terms of the loan agreement, the collateral, or some portion of it, may become the property of the lender.

For example, if you borrow money to buy a car, the car is the collateral. If you default, the lender can repossess the car and sell it to recover the amount you borrowed.

Loans guaranteed by collateral are also known as secured loans.


Security for a debt.

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Some criticize the proposal, saying nonadmitted reinsurers seem to be doing very well despite the collateral requirement.
You should consult your legal and tax advisors regarding the legal and tax implications of borrowing using securities as collateral for a loan.
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To begin with, if the debtor or any other secured party objects within the 21-day period, the lender's right to keep the collateral is defeated.