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that the implementation of the new common government procurement coding system
Every segment of long-term and post-acute care uses a coding system to document care actions and health statuses.
Competitive pricing and previous experience of Allen Coding Systems were among the reasons for Pork Farms choosing the company's well-proven 4ACC off-line carton coder to replace an old machine at its factory in Shaftesbury.
Michael Murphy, the company senior vice president of global sales, said 'Tapping into this new group of agencies by taking advantage of the TRUE Coding system is part of our overall goal of showing the true value of Choice brand hotels to a wide audience of bookers.
10002) to implement the HIPAA requirement for standardized coding systems established the HCPCS level II codes as the standardized coding system for describing and identifying health care equipment and supplies in health care transactions that are not identified by the HCPCS level I, CPT codes.
Mr Zindani believes Yell operated a secret coding system to determine the placement of adverts and said he was not aware of this when he placed his.
The editors (both affiliated with the psychology department, U of California at San Francisco)--one of whom co-originated the Facial Action Coding System for the systematic analysis of facial expression utilized by much of the research contained in this text--present 28 papers in which the face is measured as a dependent variable or as a correlate of changes in other bodily systems.
We developed a coding system to track strategies teachers used across the three informal formative assessments components.
While the United States explores the possibility of updating its current medical coding system, those who use the codes debate the effects of the change.
To assess multicultural case conceptualization ability, a coding system was developed by which raters indicated the extent to which participants had integrated salient racial or ethnic issues into the etiology and treatment conceptualizations of the student's presenting concerns.
Alternative Link ABC coding system will help insurers using Decision Point determine which alternative medicine treatments fall within the scope of practice for a particular state and what is reasonable to pay for such services.
The new release builds on iVita Commander's foundation to include asset categorization functionality based on the United Nations Standard Product and Services Code (UNSPSC), the first coding system to classify both products and services for use throughout the global marketplace, and industry and asset-specific advice, trends and benchmarking.