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A place on an exchange assigned for the trading of certain commodities, futures, or options. It is also called a pit or a trading pit.
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The slope of a roof, sidewalk, or other surface. The Americans with Disabilities Act has specific requirements for the pitch of access ramps leading to building entrances.

Example: Figure A has a 1:12 pitch because the slope rises 1 foot for every 12 feet of distance. Figure B has a 1:6 pitch.

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In this sector, global competitive landscape and supply/demand pattern of Coal Tar Pitch industry has been provided.
The copolymerisation of anthracene with benzyl alcohol in the presence of p-toluene sulfonic acid produced at a temperature of 200 [degrees]C a dark product resembling coal tar pitch. After carbonation in nitrogen the carbonation residue amounted to 26 wgt.
Coal tar pitches resulting from thermochemical processing of coal tars constitute mixtures of numerous compounds of various chemical nature and diverse molecular structures.
Retaining the properties of coal tar pitch, coal tar enamel makes a durable coating material with a strong mechanical structure.
Malignancies potentially associated with occupational coal tar pitch exposure include lung and prostate cancer in coke oven workers, lung cancer in foundry workers, lung and bladder cancer in aluminum smelter workers, and lung and stomach cancer in roofers (Harrison 2004).
[ClickPress, Wed Mar 06 2019] On the back of surged adoption of aluminum in vehicle components designs, adoption of carbon based materials is likely to remain robust which is also expected to bolster tangible growth in Coal Tar Pitch Market .