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Sunshine Land is a multi-purpose cluster housing Sunshine Studio, the main set of the popular period drama.
The contract covers 1,388 villa, townhouse, and cluster housing units, and spans a 33-month period, in addition to defect liability period (DLP) services.
Cluster housing projects could help New Rules diversify, too, given the organization's communal model and shrinking workspace requirements for independent artisans and creatives.
Mpule Kwelagobe Children's village has 44 cluster housing units and 25 of the houses are not in use because they require major maintenance and renovation.
De Blasio said he hoped to curb homelessness in the city by moving those who were forced to take temporarily refuge in commercial hotel rooms and cluster housing apartments into primary shelters where they can receive professional rehabilitation efforts to someday acquire permanent housing.
A smaller, round display cluster housing the rev counter and back-up digital speedo readout sits behind the steering wheel in the driver's direct line of vision.
The modules will be sold primarily to system integrators incorporating power supply systems for cluster housing, offices, schools and installers of industrial power supply equipment.
The PCB is enclosed in a plastic cluster housing assembled into the dense instrument panel.
The vehicle features a low driver's seat with increased lateral and lumbar support, a sport-minded, wide grip steering wheel and an instrument cluster housing large, high-visibility, triple dials.
A vegetated buffer of 30 feet in width and eight feet in height is required where cluster housing borders residential zones.
Ghalawanji said that four Turkish companies were interested in cluster housing projects in Syria.