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Conclusion: Mean post-operative analgesic requirement is significantly less in non-closure group as compared to closure group during open appendectomy.
Plastic beverage caps and closures are now more popular than metal closures, according to a new report from Canadean.
Federal Way, Washington, USA has announced a number of sales and closures in its containerboard, packaging, and paper bag businesses.
Leg cuff with front closure tie, allowing more comfortable closure on the outside of the boot collar
HEART AND HOLE In contrast to drugs, PFO closure appears highly effective against migraines and usually has no side effects, says Reisman, who has repaired the defect in more than 100 people.
When closure is blocked, we feel anxiety, and are motivated to try to reduce that anxiety.
The CEPT is built on the financial, logistics and closure data resident in the information warehouse maintained by the NAVICP.
Owners and operators intending to close their tanks permanently must notify DEC at least 30 days prior to commencing closure activities or undertaking a change-in-service.
In practice, companies account for closure and removal liabilities in several different ways--partially because those obligations may not be satisfied for many years, the board noted.
The purpose of having the soft bulb is to permit a closure without a great deal of effort but one that seals against water, outside materials or wind noise.
Prior research on hospital closures has focused on identifying factors that place a hospital at risk of closure (Office of the Inspector General, 1989; U.