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The time trading ends on an exchange. This is important to matters like a security's closing price or closing bid. See also: Open.


The process of obtaining all necessary signatures, making all required disclosures, and collecting and disbursing all monies in order to transfer title to real estate, execute a mortgage, or both.Closings are regulated by the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act.


On a home purchase,the process of transferring ownership from the seller to the buyer,the disbursement of funds from the buyer and the lender to the seller, and the execution of all the documents associated with the sale and the loan.

On a refinance, there is no transfer of ownership, but the closing includes repayment of the old lender.

References in classic literature ?
He unlocked the door, and we entered, closing it behind us.
She remembered now everything that had happened to her from the closing of the gates up to her running away from the fairies, but however, she asked herself, had she got into this funny place?
Cornelius had opened them on that morning, and no one had thought of closing them again.
And then came the closing of the doors, and the Doctor in his robes, and the service, which, however, didn't impress him much, for his feeling of wonder and curiosity was too strong.
And at this stage of the run, when the evening is closing in already, no one remarks whether you run a little cunning or not; so you should stick to those crafty hounds who keep edging away to the right, and not follow a prodigal like young Brooke, whose legs are twice as long as yours and of cast- iron, wholly indifferent to one or two miles more or less.
A day or two afterwards the great passage outside the bedrooms was cleared of the boxes and portmanteaus, which went down to be packed by the matron, and great games of chariot-racing, and cock-fighting, and bolstering went on in the vacant space, the sure sign of a closing half-year.
No, for God's sake, you are mistaken," said Dolly, putting her hands to her temples and closing her eyes.
As the horses came in among them, the throng gave way at many points, and the Guards, following up their advantage, were rapidly clearing the ground, when two or three of the foremost, who were in a manner cut off from the rest by the people closing round them, made straight towards Barnaby and Hugh, who had no doubt been pointed out as the two men who dropped into the lobby: laying about them now with some effect, and inflicting on the more turbulent of their opponents, a few slight flesh wounds, under the influence of which a man dropped, here and there, into the arms of his fellows, amid much groaning and confusion.
Some called to him to fly, and some were in the very act of closing round him, to prevent his being taken, when the pole swept into the air above the people's heads, and the man's saddle was empty in an instant.
Then, he and Hugh turned and fled, the crowd opening to let them pass, and closing up again so quickly that there was no clue to the course they had taken.
Fannie Mae released an e-closing fact sheet earlier this year, which stated that e-closings "facilitate a better quality mortgage closing process for both lenders and consumers while efficiently moving the housing finance industry forward through automation.
LAS VEGAS, March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- "Uniform instructions for real estate closing services that mandate standardized procedures among service providers and create the potential for a pre-Good Faith Estimate will lay the foundation for a consumer-friendly e-marketplace that will transform real estate closings," said Tony Farwell, CEO of ClosingCorp, at the Tech 09 conference sponsored by the Mortgage Bankers Association of America.