closing quote

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Closing quote

The last bid and offer prices of a particular stock at the close of a day's trading session on an exchange.

Closing Price

The final bid and ask price of a security at the end of a trading session. It is also called the closing quote or the market close.

closing quote

The final bid and ask price stated by the market maker or specialist at the end of a trading session.
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The Nikkei's closing quote was the lowest since April 28, 2003, when it finished at 7,607.
At 7 cents/lb, which is higher than the September closing quotes, next year's forecast 4 million ton harvest would be worth $509 million, compared to the $622 million that sugar exports garnered in this year's smaller harvest.
But the Dow index faced selling on profit-taking as it hovered at a high-price range, moving in a zigzag pattern around the previous day's closing quotes throughout the day, the analysts said.
The e-mail service, which is also free for anyone tracking 14 items or less, enables subscribers to receive closing quotes as an e-mail message shortly after market closing.
A broad-based buying spread in the afternoon following zigzag trading in the morning around the previous day's closing quotes, they said.
For a substantially discounted price, club members will receive continuous, real-time trading data from at least one equity exchange, closing quotes from all markets, mutual funds, Dow Jones News Alerts and other news and sports information on a hand-held receiver.