closing purchase

Closing purchase

A transaction in which the purchaser's intention is to reduce or eliminate a short position in a stock, or in a given series of options.

Closing Purchase

1. Any transaction that closes a position, especially a short position.

2. An option seller's purchase of another option that cancels out the provisions of the previous option by having the same provisions.

closing purchase

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The ETF up 3.4% since that time and the closing purchase today monetizes 36c per contract in profits, or $2.3M on the 63.8K lot.
Additionally, certain issued short-term bridge notes were surrendered as payment of the initial closing purchase price, stated the company.
Separately, 5K Jun 25 puts trade for $4.55 and the block is also a closing purchase. Meanwhile, some very ambitoius traders bought Jan2020 75 calls across the exchanges for 10c each.
Meanwhile, 5K Oct 8 puts trade for 5c and appears to be closing purchase. Dec 13 calls and Sep 11 calls are attracting buyers, with 4.8K and 2.6K traded, respectively.
The closing purchase price for Inphi Memory Interconnect Business was $90 million in cash.
Under the terms of the definitive agreement Resolute is receiving cash consideration of USD 160m, adjusted for normal closing purchase price adjustments, and will receive additional cash consideration of up to USD 35m if oil prices exceed certain levels in the next three years.
The closing purchase price included of a debt-free value of $9 million plus $5 million cash, as per to Ascom.
In the quarter ended March 31, 2013, the Company had an estimated loss on sale and other impairment charges of $161.7 million, subject to post closing purchase price adjustments.
Under the proposed transaction, Kleinwort Benson Group will acquire 100% of BHF-BANK for an agreed consideration of 384 million, which will be paid in cash and is subject to closing purchase price adjustments.
The closing purchase price for the transaction was USD408m plus adjustments for inventory and working capital.
The closing purchase price for the transaction was USD408m, plus adjustments for inventory and working capital.
Sales at general merchandise stores jumped 4.9 percent, while closing purchases rose 1.2 percent.