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The time trading ends on an exchange. This is important to matters like a security's closing price or closing bid. See also: Open.


The process of obtaining all necessary signatures, making all required disclosures, and collecting and disbursing all monies in order to transfer title to real estate, execute a mortgage, or both.Closings are regulated by the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act.


On a home purchase,the process of transferring ownership from the seller to the buyer,the disbursement of funds from the buyer and the lender to the seller, and the execution of all the documents associated with the sale and the loan.

On a refinance, there is no transfer of ownership, but the closing includes repayment of the old lender.

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Jones and Hylick faced the challenges that a multitude of home buyers face at the closing (also called the settlement), the meeting in which the sale of property is finalized.
A list of position tides of those persons who will be the parties responsible for performance under the closing agreement, including their names, addresses and phone numbers as of the date the application is submitted.
The Council viewed Bank as an entity essential to the Bunceton community and was apprehensive that closing the Bunceton location might lead to closure of the city's school.
It found that the average company's financial closing cycle was six days, with another 5.
Karen Janson, spokeswoman for the closing home, notes, "All the nursing homes in the region rallied and helped with the discharge planning.
Economic Protection: If the buyer is damaged by a misinterpretation discovered after the closing, the buyer may sue the seller.
The onus, however, is on the professional to investigate any potential problems prior to the closing.
A final court decision is similar to a closing agreement.
Smoother shuttle movement also results in less parison swing and better alignment during mold closing.