closed corporation

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Closed corporation

A corporation whose shares are owned by just a few people, having no public market.

Closed Corporation

A company in which a small group of shareholders controls the majority of the shares. These majority shareholders tend to hold on to the company's stock, and, for that reason, only minority shares are traded, leading to light trade volume. Closed corporations are, by their nature, resistant to hostile takeovers and proxy wars. They tend to be more stable than other companies because their share prices are not determined by (sometimes irrational) investment decisions, but by the value of the company itself. However, closed corporations do not have access to as much working capital as corporations with more shareholders. They are also called closely held companies.

closed corporation

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With more than 17 years of public accounting experience, Crowley works with closely-held businesses, real estate entities and not-for-profit organizations.
He divides his time between commercial audit work, the real estate industry and performing tax and accounting services for closely-held businesses.
She provides accounting and consulting services to not-for-profit organizations and trusts, closely-held businesses and real estate entities such as assisted living facilities, nursing homes, HUD projects, low-income housing tax credit projects and CIRAs.
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was organized in 1989 to provide highly personalized financial services primarily to affluent individuals, professionals, owners of closely-held businesses and commercial real estate investors.
Perry-Smith serves a diverse list of clients in many industries including financial services, manufacturing, health care, education, SEC registered companies, retirement plans, and many closely-held companies.
is a closely-held, private company engaged in the development and marketing of technologies in the minimally invasive neurovascular field.
Micrus Corporation is a closely-held, private company engaged in the development and marketing of technologies in the minimally invasive neurovascular field.
Beller previously was a Vice-Chair and Council Member of the Tax Section, and served as its Liaison to the AICPA and as chair of its Committees on Government Submissions and Closely-Held Corporations.
Penske Corporation is a closely-held diversified transportation services company which includes: Penske Truck Leasing Corporation; Penske Automotive Group, Inc; Penske Auto Centers, LLC; Penske Capital Partners, L.
Business Development of closely-held Cytokine PharmaSciences, stated: "This is an opportunity to improve a promising new drug with Elan's formulation expertise.