Investment trust

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Investment trust

A closed-end fund regulated by the Investment Company Act of 1940. These funds have a fixed number of shares that are traded on the secondary markets, like corporate stock. The market price may exceed the asset value per share, in which case shares are selling at a premium. When the market price falls below the (NAV)/share, shares are selling at a discount. Many closed-end funds are of a specialized nature; the portfolio represents a particular industry or country. These funds are usually listed on US and foreign exchanges.

Unit Investment Trust

An investment company that offers an unmanaged portfolio of stocks and/or bonds, packaging the portfolio as shares that are redeemable from the trust after a certain period of time. Unit investment trusts are designed to give shareholders income from dividends and/or coupons. See also: Mutual fund.
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H&R PEIT is a closed-end trust that owns, manages or has
diversiTrust(TM) Stable Income Fund and diversiTrust(TM) Income+ Fund are other closed-end trusts also managed by Goodman & Company with assets of approximately $131 million and $153 million, respectively, as of December 30, 2005.
It is the portfolio manager of 18 closed-end trusts, 4 flow-through limited partnerships and 11 mutual funds; the manager of an investment corporation; the marketing agent for a series of principal-protected notes; and the administrator of 3 closed-end trusts.

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