close market

Close market

An market in which there is a narrow spread between bid and offer prices, due to a high volume of trading and many competing market makers.

Close Market

A market for a security with a very low bid-ask spread. That is, there is a very small difference between the highest price a buyer is willing to pay and the lowest price that a seller is willing to take. A close market occurs when trading is very active and there are a larger number of market makers working on the same security.

close market

A narrow spread between the bid price and ask price of a security. A close market in a security is facilitated by active trading and multiple market makers.
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Unlike Thursday, the government neither sent any official nor police contingent to The Mall on Friday to persuade activists of the Mall Road Traders Association to close market at 8pm.
LAHORE, June 5 -- Shops at The Mall, Biden Road, Anarkali and adjacent areas remained opened until 9pm on Friday, defying government orders to close markets at 8pm on the fourth consecutive day amidst a clash between a Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz-backed traders' group and a traders' group from The Mall.
Loan guarantees, government ownership, rebates of border-adjustable taxes (for exports only), direct funding or subsidy, discounted government-provided services (energy, transportation) and high structural inbound tariffs/duties to effectively close markets are but a few forms.