clean opinion

Clean opinion

An auditor's opinion reflecting an unqualified acceptance of a company's financial statements.
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Accountant's Opinion

An auditor's statement that he/she has reviewed the financial statements of a company and believes that they are accurate, complete, and in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Most of the time, a publicly-traded company's annual report contains an accountant's opinion; a report without one can be a matter of concern to investors. Instead of an accountant's opinion, the auditor may issue a qualified opinion, stating that the auditor is unable to render a full opinion about a company's finances, or a portion thereof, because the company's accounting does not meet the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or because the information was for some reason incomplete. An accountant's opinion is also called an auditor's report, a clean opinion, or simply an opinion.
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clean opinion

The opinion of a firm's auditors that its financial statements are fairly presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. A clean opinion does not necessarily mean that the firm is financially strong or that its future is favorable, since even financially weak firms generally receive clean opinions. Also called standard opinion, unqualified opinion. Compare adverse opinion, disclaimer of opinion, qualified opinion. See also subject to opinion.
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class="MsoNormalAn unqualified opinion is a clean opinion, meaning that the financial transactions by and large were recorded properly and are in agreement with underlying accounting records.
We also know that our efforts will improve the accuracy and reliability of financial data in support of decision-making and we look forward in the years ahead to the day when the Department will celebrate receipt of its first clean opinion on the audit of its financial statements.
If you know insurance reporting, right now it's a dual report on GAAP and a clean opinion on these insurance frameworks, so there's a lot of excitement if we were to move down this path.
The report has grown and you can't glance at the report to see if there are three paragraphs to know whether you are looking at a clean opinion as was the case years ago.
MARION -- The City of Marion has received a clean opinion on its finances, the Marion City Council heard on Monday night.
Bill Perfect received a Service Auditors' Report with a clean opinion and no exceptions were noted during testing, demonstrating that Bill Perfect's policies, procedures, and operations for the areas reviewed met or exceeded the stringent SSAE 18 criteria.
I wonder if Pepper can make you feel good about the clean opinion it just gave you, or the improved internal controls it just implemented?
The fact that FIFA's external auditor issued a clean opinion on the organization's financial statements continues to raise questions.
Asure received a Service Auditors' Report with a clean opinion and no exceptions, demonstrating that its policies, procedures, and operations for the areas reviewed met or exceeded the stringent SSAE 16 criteria.
The effort for the Army to become auditable is about more than just receiving a clean opinion. When we better manage Army resources, Army leaders can rely on accurate and timely financial data to make better informed decisions, especially in tight fiscal times.
Obtaining a clean opinion also improves stewardship, reduces cost of business operations, and complies with congressional direction.