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Insurance Claim

A document or request filed by a policyholder stating that an insured event has occurred and that the insurance company should provide coverage. For example, if a person has health insurance and breaks his leg, he must file an insurance claim in order for the insurance company to pay for some or all of the medical expenses. Depending on the policy, a third party may or may not be able to file an insurance claim on behalf of a policyholder.
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You file an insurance claim when you send your insurance company paperwork asking the company to pay for any of the expenses your policy covers.

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A demand, as of right.

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"We adjudicate West Nile virus claims similar to how we adjudicate workers who have similar exposures in their employment in that, what we are looking for is an exposure to a mosquito possibly carrying the West Nile virus and a condition diagnosed as West Nile virus," says Broad.
Within three years of the Regulation entering into force, the Commission will make a positive list of such well-established claims that will be permitted.
Matt Campen, assistant vice president, Claims, has been promoted to vice president, Claims, with executive leadership responsibility for RLI's Property, Marine and Surety product claims.
insurers paid almost nine million claims for hail losses, totaling more than $54 billion from 2000 through 2013, according to data from Verisk's A-PLUS property database.
The Foreign Claims Act permits payment of claims for, among other things, property damage caused by servicemembers.
In one case, the manager responsible for claims and litigation management relied solely upon the adjuster's summary of the investigation in supporting a denial for a claim worth well over $1 million.
Additionally, contractors must be scrupulous with the facts on which they rely in supporting their claims to ensure that they are carefully and accurately represented.
For a detailed discussion of the issues in this area, see "Supplemental Claims: Acceptable Amendment or New Claim?" by John Keenan, Esq.; Rona Hummel, CPA; and Whitney Lessman, Esq., in the March 2011 issue of The Tax Adviser.
Once an initial claim is filed, the taxpayer can amend the existing claim or file new claims to raise additional grounds before the statute of limitation expires.
Fraser Kemp, Labour, (Former) Houghton and Washington East MP Total claim: pounds 9,253.91 ACA: pounds 3,596.81 Office claim: pounds 5,657.10 Taxpayers footed the pounds 833.75 bill for Mr Kemp''s tax return, along with hundreds of pounds in claims for subsistence.