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Insurance Claim

A document or request filed by a policyholder stating that an insured event has occurred and that the insurance company should provide coverage. For example, if a person has health insurance and breaks his leg, he must file an insurance claim in order for the insurance company to pay for some or all of the medical expenses. Depending on the policy, a third party may or may not be able to file an insurance claim on behalf of a policyholder.


You file an insurance claim when you send your insurance company paperwork asking the company to pay for any of the expenses your policy covers.


A demand, as of right.

References in classic literature ?
Even Daylight disliked the looks of Eldorado; but, still riding his hunch, he bought a half share in one claim on it for half a sack of flour.
The currents are too feeble"; second, Gray the CONVERT, who wrote frankly to Bell in 1877, "I do not claim the credit of inventing it"; and third, Gray the CLAIMANT, who endeavored to prove in 1886 that he was the original inventor.
Bell discovered a new art--that of transmitting speech by electricity, and his claim is not as broad as his invention.
And the third was the very significant fact that no one challenged Bell's claim to be the original inventor of the telephone until his patent was seventeen months old.
On the 24th of April he sold his horse--said 'I'm just fifty-seven today, hale and hearty--it would be a PRETTY howdy-do for me to be wasting such a trip as that and such weather as this, on a horse, when there ain't anything in the world so splendid as a tramp on foot through the fresh spring woods and over the cheery mountains, to a man that IS a man--and I can make my dog carry my claim in a little bundle, anyway, when it's collected.
On the 22d of June he sold his dog--said 'Dern a dog, anyway, where you're just starting off on a rattling bully pleasure tramp through the summer woods and hills--perfect nuisance--chases the squirrels, barks at everything, goes a-capering and splattering around in the fords-- man can't get any chance to reflect and enjoy nature-- and I'd a blamed sight ruther carry the claim myself, it's a mighty sight safer; a dog's mighty uncertain in a financial way- -always noticed it--well, GOOD-by, boys--last call--I'm off for Tennessee with a good leg and a gay heart, early in the morning.
I saw him an hour ago-- he's off for Tennessee early tomorrow morning--as usual; said he calculated to get his claim through and be off before night-owls like me have turned out of bed.
Nearly two-thirds of carriers' personnel are involved in some aspect of claims processing; claims payouts consume almost 80% of a property/casualty company's annual revenue.
Damages for discrimination and employment-related claims are included in gross income net of the legal fees and costs, but not less than zero under IRC section 62(a)(20).
However, GCM 38786 also contemplates the filing of protective claims when expiration of the refund SOL is imminent and the taxpayer is unable either to submit the supporting statements required by the regulations or to precisely quantify the claim (i.
Richard Celko, DMD, MBA, and Certified Dental Consultant (CDC) is the national dental director of utilization management for Aetna and president-elect of the American Association of Dental Consultants (AADC), the professional organization for dental benefits consulting, dental claims management and plan administration.
Moving the retroactive date forward could leave your camp exposed if claims are brought in the future from events occurring before the revised retroactive date.