central business district

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central business district (CBD)

Typically the downtown section of a city,generally containing the finance, real estate,insurance, and legal headquarters for the city.

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Known by Heart, because it was created for the 1998 City Center season and used only a dozen dancers, worked better (despite the grinding monotony of the concluding Steve Reich section).
Cappelli, president of Cappelli Enterprises, said that the City Center will generate $119 million in new net revenues each to the city and county, and $201 million in new revenues to the state over 25 years.
New York City Ballet: Morton Baum, the administrator of the City Center Theater, said that it was Orpheus, done by Ballet Society, that had made him decide to invite us to be the theater's resident ballet company, the New York City Ballet.
P (TGLP) currently leases and manages Columbus City Center.
Duato's first work for ABT, Remanso, was danced at last year's City Center season (ABT's first fall season at that venue).
With the addition of The Westin City Center Dallas, Starwood now has a total of eight properties located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area under its Westin and Sheraton brands.
Already he has certain images he would like to use at City Center.
Oak Ridge City Center, LLC, plans to operate the existing 610,000-square-foot property developed by Crown American Properties in 1991.
The opulent costumes and set for George Balanchine's Theme and Variations (1947) looked a bit crowded on the City Center stage, but it was performed with the requisite bravura by Paloma Herrera, whose dancing lacks finesse despite spectacular line, and her muscular, nobly gracious partner, Jose Manuel Carreno.
Urban will be an integral part of Brookfield's repositioning effort at Minneapolis City Center, one of the most extensive and visible projects in downtown Minneapolis," he added.
In the two evening-length programs offered at City Center, "Arsa y Toma" and "Caminos Andaluces," much was lost in the translation.
Fort Myers is home to America's best large masterplanned community for people age 55 and better -- Sun City Center Fort Myers.

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