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Interest Rate

The percentage of the value of a balance or debt that one pays or is paid each time period. For example, if one holds a bond with a face value of $1,000 and a 3% interest rate payable each quarter, one receives $30 each quarter. The percentage of the interest rate remains constant (usually), but the amount one pays or is paid changes according to the amount of the balance or debt. For example, if one pays off part of the principal on a loan each month, the amount one pays in interest decreases even though the rate remains the same. See also: Time Value of Money.
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See Interest Rate.

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The centre point values of circulation rates, influent ozone, and CEX concentration were sufficient to remove COD in the range of 53 to 67%, depending on GAC dosage.
As for circulation, the mode became more moderate and the scope narrower in the postreform era as institutionalization progressed and circulation rates dropped.
The bit cost neural network was developed by using eleven inputs: bit type (IADC code), bit size, total nozzle area of the bit, depth the bit was pulled, drilled interval length, rate of penetration, maximum and minimum weight on bit (WOB) and rotary speed (RPM), and the mud circulation rate. The bit cost ($/ft) was be set as the target.
Meanwhile, with the increase of the solids circulation rate, the difference in radial profiles of particle velocity between the risers with different distributors is increased.
where: [y.sub.1] = 0.824 (bed temperature), [y.sub.2] = 0.637 (particle size), [y.sub.3] = 0.750 (Ca/S ratio), [y.sub.4] = 0.801 (excess air factor), [y.sub.5] = 0.434 (circulation rate), [y.sub.6] = 0.565 (bed material height), [y.sub.7] = 0.456 (secondary air ratio).
Sufficient filtration capacity must exist to cope with the designed circulation rate and turnover period.
Launched in 1994, Mutual Funds is described as the personal-finance category's fastest-growing magazine, with a circulation rate base of 750,000.
With its high circulation rate and the community's growing population, Reisterstown needed an efficient but low-cost electronic security system.
I told them that our fiction section was doing great (90 percent) but the nonfiction had barely reached a 40 percent circulation rate. The TAB decided to do something proactive--change the area from Dewey to subject classification.
Pumps range in size from the 100 litre capacity Scalebreaker C130 up to the C230 with its 200 litre tank and a more powerful motor, giving a higher circulation rate and faster descaling.
The magazine reduced its domestic circulation rate base to 1.5 million in January; it had been 2.6 million in 2009 and 3.1 million in 2008.