chief executive

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Chief Executive Officer

In a corporation, the highest ranking officer in the company. In smaller companies, the chief executive officer may be combined with the president (the second-highest officer). The CEO has the responsibility of setting the overarching goals of the company and ensuring that they are met. He/she often serves as a point person between the company's management and the board of directors. The CEO is usually a member of the board of directors himself/herself. Generally speaking, the smaller a firm is, the more day-to-day management responsibilities the CEO has.

chief executive

the person who has overall responsibility for the MANAGEMENT of a firm. In a JOINT-STOCK COMPANY the chief executive is usually the full-time managing director, or the full-time executive chairman appointed by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.
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Nunzio Del Greco, RCE, Chief Executive Officer; Sandra Erickson, BMAR 2006 President; Thomas Stevens, NAR President; and Greg Connors, NYSAR President.
President and Chief Executive Officer, American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging, Washington, D.
James King, president and chief executive officer, Community Redevelopment Group, Cincinnati, Ohio
Nader digs deeper and asks a broader set of questions, to my knowledge, than has ever been asked of chief executives.
James Farrell, chairman and chief executive officer, Illinois Tool Works, Inc.
Nunzio Del Greco, RCE, BMAR Chief Executive Officer; Jackie Kyle Kall, Port of Kall Realty Ltd.
Robert Davis, 44, has resigned from his chief executive post at Barcelona-based Terra Lycos, which was created by the October merger of Web portal Lycos and Spanish Internet services provider Terra Networks SA.
Keeling has been named chief executive of reinsurance operations.
Irwin Zazulia, Retired President and Chief Executive Officer, Hecht's, Arlington, Virginia, named Deputy Chairman.
Peacock, 56, to be the firm's President and Chief Executive Officer, effective January 1, 2002.
William Alexander, 55, and chief executive of was named chairman Anaheim, CA-based iCityOnline.

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