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The actual scene, however, is cheerful enough on this early summer day--a symphony, as we said, in cherries and goldfinches, in which the higher valleys of the Cevennes abound.
I could have fancied, amid the quivering of the great bunches of fruit, that they were cherries on the wing.
Tommy, who was of a susceptible disposition, and very fond of his mother, and who had, besides, eaten so many cherries as to have his feelings less under command than usual, was so affected by the dreadful picture she had made of the possible future that he began to cry; and the good-natured father, indulgent to all weaknesses but those of negligent farmers, said to Hetty, "You'd better take the things off again, my lass; it hurts your aunt to see 'em.
Out of 100,000 tons of cherries produced in Uzbekistan, some 30 percent is exported to CIS and other foreign countries per year.
A useful--and surprising--clue to the change in the symbolic meaning of cherries may be found in the once silver-bright form of a 600-year old badge (Fig.
The maraschino cherry has come of age, thanks to officials at Twisted Cherries, LLC, who have introduced a line of alcohol-infused cherries to the market.
Taking her obsession with cherries to the next level, Katy Perry baked the world's 'best cherry pie' in New York City's Times Square.
From savoury dishes like chicken curry to delicious desserts like cakes, juices and chilled soups for summers, there are many ways to use cherries in our food.
If life really is a bowl of cherries, we'd better start saving up to pay for them.
The co-op is the largest grower-processor of sweet cherries in the world and produces dried fruit, canned cherries, and fresh cherries.
Cherry Country's gourmet chocolate-covered cherries always are chewy, never gooey.
Black cherry is widely reported to be the largest of the native cherries and the only native cherry to be considered commercially valuable.