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1. A change in a security's price quickly followed by another change in the opposite direction. For example, a security could rise $1 then quickly lose $2, or it could fall 50 cents then rise 75 cents. Whipsaws are significant risks for day traders and speculators who may lose large amounts of money in short-term trading.

2. To buy securities at a market top or to sell at a market bottom. That is, one whipsaws when one buys or sells securities at exactly the worst possible time. One whipsaws out of fear or out of misreading market signals. To whipsaw is also called to chatter.
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Also raided were the two branches on West Avenue and Timog Avenue, leading to the arrest of 20 people, mostly chatters aged between 20 and 33 years old.
"DNA from many more modern Native American groups needs to be sampled before any broad conclusions can be drawn from the genes of one ancient skeleton," Chatters says.
Chatters, of Gorleston, near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, admitted making indecent images of a child and outraging public decency.
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He's quite poorly and I hope a mention of one of his dogs cheers him, and we pass on our best wishes," said owner Chatters yesterday.
Chatters did raise the alarm and police rushed to Kevin's flat in Wellington, Shropshire.
Abstract: (Li, 1997) uses the coherence function between two crossed accelerations to identify chatter in turning.
One sitter chatters away on her cell phone to friends while standing in Jo and Erin's bedroom, wanting to know about his moms' intimate moments.
Chatters (2000) states that spirituality and spiritual concerns are particularly important for understanding health-related behaviors, attitudes and beliefs for individuals whose health is compromised or who are most vulnerable.
There's a wide range of chatters on these monkey bars: I found out more than I wanted to know about everything from the WWF to the finer points of knitting.
That evening, Benton County Coroner Floyd Johnson called James Chatters, a local forensics specialist and the owner of Applied Paleoscience, a resource management firm in nearby Richland.