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1. A change in a security's price quickly followed by another change in the opposite direction. For example, a security could rise $1 then quickly lose $2, or it could fall 50 cents then rise 75 cents. Whipsaws are significant risks for day traders and speculators who may lose large amounts of money in short-term trading.

2. To buy securities at a market top or to sell at a market bottom. That is, one whipsaws when one buys or sells securities at exactly the worst possible time. One whipsaws out of fear or out of misreading market signals. To whipsaw is also called to chatter.
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And need one allude to the antics of those who prefer to race around in posh cars while chattering away on their cell phones at the same time?
In a constant refrain, these chattering classes across the spectrum have been proclaiming that it was the army and the ISI that had trained and unleashed the jihadi fighters in the Soviet Union-occupied Afghanistan.
CHATTERING: A starling PLENTIFUL: A huge flock of starlings over Runcorn bridge - but numbers are in decline, according to the RSPB's experts Picture: COLIN LANE
"The chattering classes have decided that this first stage of the extension of devolution under the 2006 Act was always an irritating obstacle to the final stage, which is full devolution," he said.
And three, the phrase "chattering classes" doesn't refer to people who chat a lot.
They may meet regularly, monthly, annually or occasionally, but they do meet and the net of chattering is criss-crossed in so many ways.
The chattering class was not concerned with the outdated "capture of the state apparatus" but with the reshaping of Australia political and social culture through public education and indoctrination: the redefining of consent and obligation through the formation of a non judgmental therapeutic ethos which "forgives" and contextually understands anti social and criminal transgressions, and through government intervention, legal inquiries and commissions into alleged social problems.
Cats are scalded mercilessly with chattering calls and even dive-bombed if they get too close!
AS soon as you walk into the Priory you are greeted by the song of chattering and laughter, a definitely positive start.
In all, 70 pieces in seven basic shapes make up the 3m wide, 2m high glass wall, that has a thin slit at the top from which water continuously cascades, softly chattering over the texture of the glass or splashing robustly into the pool.
THE sound of chattering girls has inspired a new piece of art at Liverpool's Holly Lodge girls college.
"The fact that he was at the Daily News was a marvelous reality for us who worked with him, but it was also a statement about his own values, which was that you speak intelligently to people even if they're not the chattering classes or the audience of the chattering classes.