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1. A change in a security's price quickly followed by another change in the opposite direction. For example, a security could rise $1 then quickly lose $2, or it could fall 50 cents then rise 75 cents. Whipsaws are significant risks for day traders and speculators who may lose large amounts of money in short-term trading.

2. To buy securities at a market top or to sell at a market bottom. That is, one whipsaws when one buys or sells securities at exactly the worst possible time. One whipsaws out of fear or out of misreading market signals. To whipsaw is also called to chatter.
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Limited evidence exists for kinematic analysis of the movement on the thrust fault plane: north-south oriented chatter marks in the New Glen Brook area and slickenlines and crystal fibre lineations oriented 090-100[degrees] in the Goose Cove Brook area (Fig.
* Splice marks are similar to chatter marks but are caused by a poor belt splice.
* Slow it down--Running your conveyor belt slower will allow more time for abrasive sanding to remove the chatter marks.
In order to meet the quality requirements of the Japanese transplant car producers, Sunprene has developed PVC grades that they say eliminate surface imperfections from the extrusion process, such as gels, pinholes, ripples, waves and "chatter marks." Other key physical properties featured in the three product lines reportedly include enhanced abrasion, cold-impact and chemical resistance, heat aging, and flexing fatigue, compared with EPDM rubber and existing PVC grades.
For large areas or deep imperfections like chatter marks (washboard textures) from the mill planers, use a random orbital sander.
To avoid "chatter marks" on inside corners and door trim, grip the sander firmly and move it up and down without touching the adjacent walls and trim.
This is important because an out-of-truth wheel can produce objectionable chatter marks on the workpiece.
Its specially-engineered PVC formulation minimizes chipout and chatter marks.
Sand with 100-grit sandpaper to remove the "chatter marks," slight ridges that run across the face of the molding.
Chatter Marks. Believe it or not, most are caused by existing chatter marks or rough edges.
"Knife or chatter marks put in by the moulder are then expected to be cleaned up with the sanding.