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Articles of Incorporation

A document outlining the basic functions of a company. Among other things, it states whether it will be an S Corporation or a C Corporation and how many authorized shares there will be. It also states how its corporate governance and operations will work. A company that seeks to incorporate must file articles of incorporation with the appropriate authority. In the United States, that authority is usually the states and sometimes the federal government. It is also called a corporate charter or simply a charter. See also: Charter Amendment Limitations.


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Despite all the money that TiE members invest (by some estimates, it's been over $100 million since TiE was founded), Seshan Rammohan, executive director of TiE's Silicon Valley chapter, insists that for TiE charter members, the organization is about more than wealth creation.
Therefore, escalation in CBCWA's pass-through costs to charter members over the intermediate timeframe should be limited, absent any further decline in purchases.
Charter members will receive upgrades and new functionality before anyone else.
Changes in the underlying credit quality of CBCWA's two largest charter members likely would impact the credit quality of CBCWA.
The feedback from the private beta has been overwhelmingly positive, so we are excited to share the enhanced Marketplace with our Charter Members.
Besides Black Duck and Open Country, other charter members of the Compliance Vanguard Alliance include EnterpriseDB, Funambol, GroundWork, JasperSoft, Krugle and OpenLogic.
As Charter Members of the Black Duck Compliance Vanguard Alliance program, benefits include: participation in alliance activities, including webinars and other special events designed to educate enterprises; education activities related to the imminent introduction of GPL v.
Tehuti Networks is pleased to be a charter member of the XenSource Partner Program.
Alur is a Managing Director of Vesbridge Partners, joined TiE-Boston as a charter member in 2002, and serves as chair of TiE-Boston's Broadband Business Forum and co-chair of the TiE Venture Forum.
Other upcoming membership benefits include a charter member pin, access to the member register, free online training, financial services and a family support network.
LANECO to celebrate 50 years by honoring charter members

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