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Articles of Incorporation

A document outlining the basic functions of a company. Among other things, it states whether it will be an S Corporation or a C Corporation and how many authorized shares there will be. It also states how its corporate governance and operations will work. A company that seeks to incorporate must file articles of incorporation with the appropriate authority. In the United States, that authority is usually the states and sometimes the federal government. It is also called a corporate charter or simply a charter. See also: Charter Amendment Limitations.


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It's also troubling that the negative effect of charters that they report depends upon charter age.
Lost in the din of political static is a new wave of public expectation for doing more with less in public higher education that has rekindled the charter debate.
By volunteering and donating funds to create an innovative public charter school, we are actively supporting the public schools.
While most of his clients charter once a year and tend to stick with the same vessel, repeat client Denise Rich, a songwriter and music industry executive, enjoyed charter so much she recently purchased a yacht.
When NAEP results were released last November, charter versus traditional public school results were not publicized, according to Celia Lose, spokeswoman for the American Federation of Teachers.
I argue now before school boards that are considering a Waldorf charter that the system is based on the occult with a very limited curriculum," she said.
Third, even without added rules and regulations, it is hard to start a charter school.
The number of charter schools--tax-funded institutions that operate independently of public school bureaucracies--was growing rapidly, especially in California.