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section (federal code)

A particularly numbered subpart of some federal law.The text of any federal law may be found by going to the Office of the Law Revision Counsel at and clicking on “Search the U.S. Code.” Laws written as, for example,“26 U.S.C. Section 121,”“26 U.S.C. §121,”or sometimes “U.S.C.A.”or “U.S.C.S.”consist of a “title”(26 in the example) and a “section”(121 in the example).Entering the appropriate title and section will bring up the text of the law. See also U.S.C.

section (of land)

A section is a specific area of land measuring 1 square mile. See public land survey system.

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Nevertheless, childbirth entails unpredictable risks, cesarean section is a major abdominal operation with known complications, and rural practice is accompanied by a variety of inherent difficulties not present in urban areas; these include travel distances, limited facilities and support staff, and conflicting physician time and energy obligations.
Intra-operative complications increase with successive number of cesarean sections: Myth or fact?
In analyses that took into account fetal presentation (e.g., breech or other non-headfirst positions), the odds of fetal death were lower for infants delivered by cesarean section prior to labor than for those with a spontaneous vaginal birth (odds ratio, 0.6).
* The equipment, facilities and a team to perform an emergency cesarean section should be readily available in case maternal and fetal complications arise during the labor and delivery.
Table-II: Distribution of women in the experimental and control groups according to intestinal functions after cesarean section.
Two hundred patients of elective cesarean section with primigravida having age 20-40 years and with gestational age >37 weeks were included.
Data including age, prenatal care, pregnancy complications, delivery methods, and indications of cesarean section were retrospectively analyzed.
A dedicated operating room for cesarean section within the delivery ward can help implement continuous skin to skin contact and improve patient experience; such a specified cesarean section room is not connected to the main operating block [6].
This study was done to compare the effect of early oral feeding versus delayed oral feeding after cesarean section in terms of time of return to bowel movement, to regular diet, duration of intravenous fluids, hospital stay and post operatively gastrointestinal effects.
She had long suffered from hypertension and high blood pressure, and had been instructed by doctors to undergo a cesarean section to avoid complications during her child birth.
G changing Trends of Indications and Rate of Cesarean section: An Audit.
Her first cesarean section was done for Cephalopelvic Disproportion (CPD).