certificate of participation

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Participation Certificate

1. An alternative to a government or municipal bond in which an investor buys a share in the improvements or infrastructure the government entity intends to fund. This contrasts with a bond, in which the investor loans the government or municipality money in order to make these improvements. This is used primarily when the government or municipality has a charter-mandated debt ceiling. In the United States the only entities issuing or guaranteeing participation certificates are Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae, and Sallie Mae.

2. See: International Depository Receipt (IDR).

certificate of participation (COP)

Entitlement to a participation, or share in the lease payments from a particular project. The lessor generally assigns lease payments to a trustee that distributes the payments to certificate holders.
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At the end of the workshop, all the attendees were presented with a certificate of participation.
Prizes and trophies will be awarded to the top three participants, while all entrants will receive a certificate of participation.
Each child received their own backpack complete with safety glasses, apron, notebook, mechanical pencil, and a certificate of participation.
Every pupil received a certificate of participation, with the winners and runners-up being presented with medals and trophies.
Registration fee is P9,600.00 per participant inclusive of training kits, snacks and lunch during the symposium, and certificate of participation for 16 hours of leadership and managerial training.
All of the swimmers received a certificate of participation.
All participants will receive a certificate of participation.
Registrants will receive singlet, baller ID, and certificate of participation, he said.
Coaches and schools will also be given certificate of recognition or certificate of participation.
Children and students who complete the challenge receive a Certificate of Achievement signed by the Premier, and students who participate but do not complete the challenge are eligible for a Certificate of Participation.

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