certificate of occupancy

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certificate of occupancy (C/O)

Almost always referred to simply as a “C.O.”A document issued by a local government certifying that a structure has passed all required inspections and is ready for occupancy. It is always required at the completion of any construction when repairs require a construction permit. It is also often required when a property changes character from residential to commercial, even if no construction takes place, and is sometimes required before issuance of a new business license when a property changes hands. As a de facto method of enforcement, many utility companies will not permit service until receipt of a valid certificate of occupancy.

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Clarification that the time within which to record a claim of lien, or the time within which to bring suit to enforce the lien, begins to run from the last date of work or last delivery, and not issuance of a certificate of occupancy or certificate of substantial completion.
necessary to issue a certificate of occupancy and ensuring issuance of certificate of occupancy;
The tenant must make alterations, so they may choose the option to change use and obtain a certificate of occupancy, although the five-work use must be approved by the management.
After a long-time dispute between the seminary and community members, the DOB ruled in November that the center could continue to run the hotel out of its Desmond Tutu Conference Center courtesy of a temporary certificate of occupancy.
25 to have a certificate of occupancy," said Headmaster William LaBelle.
We plan to do two more in succession, running them as separate timelines, from land acquisition through permits, and hearing to certificate of occupancy.
Reimbursement payments would begin 30 days after the first full fiscal quarter one year after the Certificate of Occupancy for the first retail development is issued.
Elevation Certificates (existing pre-construction, under construction once house is lowered to new foundation, and final certificate for Certificate of Occupancy (C/O).
The $470,000 is only a fraction of the total cost of the construction that one architect estimated would be required to secure a permanent certificate of occupancy for the building, according to court documents.
He analyzed the certificate of occupancies for the two properties and said it is illegal under city zoning at 127 Madison Avenue, at 31st Street, and that 17 Orchard Street doesn't even have a certificate of occupancy, which means it shouldn't be occupied at all.
The guild plans to receive its certificate of occupancy for the Newhall theater by the end of September.

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