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In 1984, the certificate of incorporation of Alumax was restated and the shareholders agreement and bylaws were revised.
There is no change to the number of authorized shares under the company's Certificate of Incorporation, as amended.
Rappler had sought before the CA to reverse the January 11 decision of the SEC to revoke the certificate of incorporation due to allegations Omidyar's PDRs violate the constitutional restrictions against foreign ownership.
But the authority clarified that no company called First Security Service has ever been authorised or regulated by the DFSA, and that the "certificate of incorporation" dated as far back as January 2013 that purportedly legalised the activity of the firm is fake.
Each share of series A Preferred together with the associated warrant is priced at USD 1,135 and will automatically convert into 1,000 shares of common stock upon the adoption of an amendment to the company's resaid certificate of incorporation.
Merrimack's stockholders approved an amendment to the company's certificate of incorporation to effect the reverse stock split at the annual meeting of Stockholders on 11 August 2017.
(OTCPK: BCME), an oil and gas acquisition company, has announced approval of the company's Restated Certificate of Incorporation to effect a 50-to-one reverse stock split.
Stockholders also ratified the appointment of KPMG LLP as US Airways' independent registered accounting firm; voted against a shareholder proposal that was related to cumulative voting; and voted in favour of a proposal to amend the company's amended and restated certificate of incorporation to increase its authorised common stock from 200m shares to 400m shares.
This is said to take about five minutes and to cost US$250, the end-result being a certificate of incorporation with a bright red seal that allows the holder to go into business or to open an account at a U.S.
In addition, the by-laws and certificate of incorporation would be amended to give the cooperative the ability to enforce the collection of future maintenance payments.

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