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Discovered on gastrointestinal stromal tumor 1 (DOG1) is expressed in pancreatic centroacinar cells and in solid-pseudopapillary neoplasms-novel evidence for a histogenetic relationship.
The pancreatic acinus were tubular or vesicular, and formed the peripheral gland cells, as well as the middle centroacinar cells. Additionally, the gland cells consisted of a serous and irregular cone shape, and the cytoplasm was rich in red-stained secretory granules; the nucleus was round or oval, located in the basal part of the cell, and one or several nucleus were prominent (Fig.
After approximately 2.5 weeks, the SOX9 positivity disappeared in most of the GATA4-positive cells; it was thought that the positivity of both the factors was almost completely limited at the postcoital 14th week and this suggested that the cells containing GATA4 were differentiated into the surrounding SOX9-positive centroacinar cells (39).