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Compiling and maintaining the file of information about the transaction, including the credit report, appraisal, verification of employment and assets,and so on.

Mortgage brokers usually process the loans they handle. The processing file is handed off to underwriting for the loan decision.

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By the same token, the move to centralized processing has fostered greater communication among the international operations.
A system failure affects all parts in centralized processing. With a computer network, though, you can isolate the affected part, and the rest of the system will continue operating.
This is also a critical step in the transforming DCGS from traditional sites to a worldwide hub-based architecture, which paves the way forward for centralized processing and remote support.
The centralized processing centre at Bengaluru is now fully functional and processing around 20, 000 tax returns daily.
However, to facilitate the implementation of the REMIC, MBA has heard that GNMA plans to mandate that GNMA I remittances be transmitted to security holders utilizing the ACH debit by a centralized processing agent.
Contract Awarded for Guangzhou terminal control center and zhuhai terminal control center flight planning centralized processing system and integrated information processing and monitor procurement(rebid)
The system will store sensor data for spectrum usage analytics and perform near real-time centralized processing on data from multiple sensors.
The water supply composite "Mean Tauber", consisting of the municipalities of the Middle Main-Tauber-Kreis Tauberbischofsheim, Lauda-Knigshofen, ZV Gruenbach group and Werbach, represented by the city of Tauberbischofsheim, plans to construct a new water treatment plant for centralized processing of the raw water from the Presented the aforementioned Kommunen.Das therefrom pure water obtained, which meets the requirements of the Drinking water is then conveyed into the central reservoir of the municipalities.
The additional agents are detailed from Tucson, San Diego and Del Rio Sectors to the McAllen and Weslaco Centralized Processing Centers to increase the capability to screen, classify, and process undocumented migrants, primarily unaccompanied children (UAC) and family units (FMUAs)."
The positive results from the metallurgical test program strongly support the development of the sequential flotation technology for processing of the central Newfoundland deposits using a centralized processing facility.
Ameriabank ensured a high data security level for this solution by saving client payment card data only in the centralized processing center using Master Card Secure Code and Verified by Visa (VbV) security technologies.

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