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For those customers that decide to maintain sudo, PowerBroker for Sudo strives to simplify the management of the sudoers file and achieve compliance by providing centralized repository for multiple policy files with full version control and also centralizes indexed log data with a powerful reporting system as well.
Because paranoia runs deep in the heartland (as Neil Young once sang), if the IRS proceeds to centralize claims, it needs to be up front about why.
First point: It does make sense to centralize development of training.
Moreover, Beck argues that the bureaucracy's willingness to strengthen the role of local Stande in poor relief contradicts historians' assumptions about officials' single-minded desire to centralize power in the state.
Faced with budget cuts and staff decreases, the Internal Revenue Service is making plans to centralize and consolidate functions and offices.
Changes in technology--including the movement from independent local area networks (LANs) to corporate wide area networks (WANs)--have provided the infrastructure that allows the same organization to centralize its operations.
By delivering data storage capacity as a centralized utility you not only remove the data from the server and centralize it onto a network, but you can eliminate or greatly reduce the number of disk drives directly attached to workflow servers.
The ClearCube solution allows companies to take the computer off the user's desk, shrink it to a PC Blade and centralize the blades in a secure location.
Companies can also centralize their treasury operations to gain more control, and even outsource the payment and/or receivables process to reduce both fraud risk and processing time.

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