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CPU (Central Processing Unit)

the brain of a COMPUTER which stores and processes data.
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The central processing unit (CPU) calls a large number of kernel functions on the device that will use its internal task scheduler to establish the most suitable strategy of allocating the functions (kernels).
Crewmen, the central processing unit (CPU) for your M1A2 SEP tank's Force XXI Battle Command Brigade-and-Below (FBCB2) is located on the turret floor.
Along with the launch of the new CPU (central processing unit) "Haswell" next year, Intel will promote its third-generation Ultrabooks, with the 13-inch model to feature thinner body of about 15mm from the original 18mm, and the 14-inch model to have 18mm body instead of the 21mm.
The challenges confronting the technique include the performance of central processing unit (CPU), interconnection network, programming, energy management and system fault tolerance, he said.
The spring 2011 FMV Series will also include the SH-76C B5-size (257 by 182 millimeters) laptop equipped with Intel Inc.'s next-generation central processing unit to make the computer as maneuverable as a larger laptop.
It permits enabled applications to utilise the multi-core central processing unit (CPU) and the GPU in a PC and demand video editing and transcoding from one video format to another.
Additionally, IBM will provide central processing unit (CPU) and software resources according to the mainframe usage needed for accounting or information related operations.
That information would be transmitted wirelessly, in real time, to the central processing unit, where instructors would watch the scenario unfold from a god's eye view of the facility.
The IPCC said a camera operative and two members of the police's central processing unit - which administers fines - have been charged with misconduct and will face a disciplinary panel convened by Lancashire Constabulary.
It includes one-to-eight wireless sensors on the high point of the equipment, such as the boom and corresponding transmitter/receiver modules that communicate with the central processing unit. Kimberly Elsham, 312-327-5260, www.made-sa.com.
The system's central processing unit and operator's console are integrated into a compact unit, making for quick and easy installation, according to Hirschmann.
The system includes a central processing unit, computer monitor, and microphone, which come on a small cart.

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