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CPU (Central Processing Unit)

the brain of a COMPUTER which stores and processes data.
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"The engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning contract is to set up three central processing facilities.
BP has drilled the wells across the field, laid hundreds of kilometres of pipelines and built a two-train Central Processing Facility (CPF).
The Khazzan central processing facility should also produce 5,000 b/d of condensate.
The article makes an in depth analysis of the key aspects that carry significant weight when deciding to parallelize a certain part of an application: the analysis phase of the application that is about to be parallelized; the amount of time involved to achieve the implementation; the feasibility of parallelizing the source code; situations when one should aim for central processing units optimization techniques that yield better performance on sequential source code rather than parallelizing the whole algorithm.
Yibal Khuff (YK) is an onshore project consisting of 47 wells and a Central Processing Facility (CPF) to produce the sour Gas from YK Sudair Reservoir.
"In the early morning, three or four rocket propelled grenades hit a central processing facility, there were no casualties or damage reported," an industry source.
Galfar will build a new central processing facility at Petroleum Development Oman's (PDO) Yibal Khuff project south west of Muscat, according to a bourse statement.
Facilities will include a central processing plant, well pads, electrical power lines, storage tanks, pipelines and access roads.
Heerema Fabrication Group (HFG) will build 115-metre tall jackets for both the project's central processing facilities platform and the utility and living quarter platform.
His tour included one of the cattle farms and the central processing plant for the production of juices, cheese and long life milk.
A press release issued from the office of district police officer informed on Friday that some unidentified persons used to steal crude oil from the flow line laid by the MOL company for the flow of crude oil between the Gurguri oil fields and Central Processing Facility (CPF) Makori and added that they have selected a deserted area in Amankot where they have punctured the main flow line by fixing valve in it to theft the crude oil.
Natural gas will reportedly be supplied to the new power plant from the Sasol-operated central processing facility (CPF) in Temane in the Inhambane province.

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