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CPU (Central Processing Unit)

the brain of a COMPUTER which stores and processes data.
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Al Adrak will construct the central processing plant covering an area of 50,000sqm.
The central processing plant is the central hub for initial offshore processing of all well fluids delivered from a 130 kilometre network of subsea well infrastructure.
The central processing plant has been shut down as a safety precaution and all its staff in Algeria have been accounted for, BP said in an e-mailed statement on Friday.
Package 1 includes: Flowlines, Central processing facilities, gas central processing plant, export pipeline and associated facilities Package 2 includes: Early development phase, gas gathering, wellsides and export system (GWES) facilities, building and infrastructures work.
In addition to North Butte and Smith Ranch-Highland, Cameco owns the Crow Butte in situ uranium mine and central processing plant near Crawford, Nebraska.
The Waset Gas Programme calls for construction of an onshore grass-roots Central Processing Facility (CPF) to process 2,500 MCF/day of gas from the Arabiyah and Hasbah fields and produce about 1,750 MCF/day of sales gas.
Utility computing is already helping some insurers by allowing them to pay only for the services they use, such as storage, network bandwidth, central processing traits and servers.
Now financial aid offices can receive financial aid data electronically from the Federal Central Processing System (CPS), correct and retransmit data to CPS, receive National Student Loan Data System data, manage Pell Grants, and process FFELP and FDLP loans--all with Oracle's Student System--Financial Aid.
The relief that the patient experienced from alprazolam was related to the drug's suppression of the central processing of these mismatches; alprazolam also suppresses eventual central compensation.
In that report the NABP offered a useful resource for state boards of pharmacy in developing regulations regarding the practice of central processing and central fill, as well as to pharmacy executives as they work to understand what is needed to successfully implement those processes in their stores.
Specifically, Intersil's architecture allows the central processing unit (CPU) voltage regulator to be completely turned off when the microprocessor is not in use, eliminating voltage generation for the CPU and reducing total system power consumption in aggressive mobile power management environments.

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