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Continuous net settlement (CNS)

Method of securities clearing and settlement using a clearing house, which matches transactions to securities available, resulting in one net receive or deliver position at the end of the day.
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Continuous Net Settlement

A clearing practice in which all buy and sell orders are settled within a brokerage firm. That is, all buy and sell orders are offset against each other on a particular trading day, such that only orders that are "left over" remain to be settled. This results in fewer securities needing to be moved into or out of a particular brokerage.
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Specifically, stem cell scientists at McMaster can now directly convert adult human blood cells to both central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) neurons as well as neurons in the peripheral nervous system (rest of the body) that are responsible for pain, temperature and itch perception.
Noble's team first identified central nervous system (CNS) cells that are most vulnerable to tamoxifen toxicity.
Objectives: Ultrasound is an effective and noninvasive modality for the prenatal diagnosis of central nervous system anomalies and thus helps in deciding about therapeutic termination.
While previous research indicated the autonomic nervous system becomes infected by the disease after the central nervous system, the new study found that the autonomic nervous system can show signs of infection prior to the central nervous system.

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