central limit order book

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Central Limit Order Book

A proposed database for all limit orders received by specialists and market makers throughout the United States. Such a system would allow limit orders to be fulfilled immediately or later, depending on the nature of the order, on any American exchange. The SEC proposed the establishment of CLOB, but it never occurred because most exchanges believe that such as a database would cause them to lose trading volume.

central limit order book (CLOB)

A central system that contains securities limit orders received from specialists and market makers. Such a system consolidates limit orders in a central location and bridges the gap in establishing a national market system. A hard CLOB executes orders immediately; a soft CLOB provides data to facilitate trading but does not include automatic executions. Establishment of a CLOB has generally been opposed by securities exchanges because they would stand to lose significant volume to such a system.
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But whether Nasdaq, another organization or a "virtual" grassroots group creates the central limit order book remains to be seen, he notes.
Nearly 66% say a central limit order book is coming to the swaps market at the same time 90% conduct all their transactions by phone
In addition to streaming live two-way markets to the central limit order book, the Societe Generale trading desk is active in responding electronically to clients with markets in Off-The-Run Eris Standards.
Launched in Asia in 2001, first in Japan under Instinet's Japanese PTS (Proprietary Trading System) License, CBX ASIA is a real-time, low-latency central limit order book with traditional price/time priority and rich order functionality.
NEW YORK, April 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- GFI Group ("GFI") (OTC US: GFIG), a leading intermediary and provider of trading technologies and support services to the global OTC and listed markets, announced today that it completed the integration between EnergyMatch, its electronic central limit order book for WTI, Brent and Natural Gas financial derivatives, and OptionsCity's Metro, an end-to-end electronic trading and market making platform.
R5 will be available via both API and GUI interfaces and will use a central limit order book.
More than 900 of the most liquid stocks across 18 indices in 13 European markets are available for trading via Chi-X Europe's anonymous Central Limit Order Book, in addition to ETF trading.
8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Javelin SEF, LLC ("Javelin") announced today that it has launched an anonymous Central Limit Order Book ("CLOB") for Market Agreed Coupon ("MAC") swaps clearable on both LCH.
The i-Swap Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) has been live since April 2, 2014.
Since launching derivatives trading in 2005, nearly $15 trillion in notional volume and over 210,000 trades have been executed on the Tradeweb Markets RFQ and central limit order book (CLOB) derivatives platforms.
Laurent Paulhac, CEO of the ICAP SEF, said: In addition to the record i-Swap volumes, the ICAP SEF also saw additional growth in market share as we continue to drive more seamless integration between i-Swap s Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) and our voice-based vRFQ 2.
It provides a Central Limit Order Book of live dealable prices, full price transparency and depth of book, and the ability to place bids and offers, together with Lava's sophisticated order types.

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