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Most regulators in the Gulf initially expressed scepticism about fintech and last year the Saudi central bank warned citizens against trading bitcoin because it was outside the bank's regulatory reach.
Because of this, the appointment of central bank governors has been designed to ensure that they can get on with their mandate without political interference.
Believing that policy rates could not go significantly negative, central banks began to turn to alternative unconventional means of easing monetary policy," QNB said in a report yesterday.
Meanwhile, Bahrain's central bank said it had decided to raise its key policy interest rate to 0.
On the other hand, the central bank has clearly defended that it will be very cautious in the future.
Business leaders had earlier called on the central bank to ease monetary policy to encourage private sector investment and accelerate economic growth.
A statement of the Central Bank of Iraq , said that " the bank's reserves of pure gold reached 90 tons , after baying 60 tons during the last two months in a policy to support the value of the Iraqi dinar .
Under the New Zealand and Canadian central bank legislation the Governor, as chief executive, is responsible for all the central bank's activities, including monetary policy decisions.
The Egyptian central bank has relaxed restrictions on foreign currency transfers abroad, a central bank official said on Tuesday, allowing individuals to make a one-time transfer abroad of up to $100,000 this calendar year.
In Frankfurt, however, the European Central Bank is struggling to come up with solutions for economic torpor that looks increasingly like Japan.
He said that note is provided to reduce the accumulated loss of the Central Bank for 2012 that exceeded reserves by 20.
Case 0 is presented not because it is a realistic description of the economy, but because it illustrates what the central bank is trying to achieve.

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