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Commonwealth Development Corporation

An international aid organization established by the British government after the Second World War to aid in post-war development. It has since been partially privatized and assists in international development in various parts of the world. See also: DFID.
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The 75,000-square-foot TECH Center sits in the heart of Temple's main campus in North Philadelphia, which serves 25,000 students.
Child-parent center students were more likely to graduate from high school and less likely to become unemployed, draw public assistance or end up in prison.
In addition to direct research support services, the center should provide career development for future research leaders.
He concludes, unsurprisingly, that the framework of tutor as expert and tutee as novice did not neatly fit graduate-graduate writing center sessions (cite).
This Cultural Center will be a fitting celebration of the humanity which triumphed in the face of evil on September 11th," Gov.
Dec 17-21, American Ballet Theatre, Orange County Performing Arts Center, 605 Town Center Dr, 714.
Lafayette); Prairie Village Living Center (Washington); Arbor of Memorial Hospital (Logansport)
New York's center has the tradition of being a meeting place [for other organizations], whereas Los Angeles was very programmatic from its inception," says Gwenn Baldwin, executive director of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center.
The local Senior Center was threatened with closure.
One center listed maintenance director among its administrative positions.
The Joint Center has aided that process for more than two decades.

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