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Almost all counties (90 percent) in these states were classified as medically underserved areas under current HRSA criteria, (36) so examining CHC accessibility by census tract could yield valuable insight of within-county variation.
The initiative's boosters argue the incentives will attract substantial dollars bolstering real estate development and operating businesses in Maryland's 149 "economically distressed" census tracts designated as Opportunity Zones.
Remarkably, the vaunted Third Street tourism district, into which both the city and state have funneled many millions of development dollars over the years to little discernible effect, is the epicenter of one of the census tracts that have bled population since 2010.
The mean summer temperature of a census tract in a given year was computed by averaging the daily predicted air temperature from June to August in that year over all 1 kmx 1 km grids within that census tract, and the mean winter temperatures were the averages in January, February, and December.
(24) Under the Commitments, Cullen/Frost may apply to establish branches within existing market areas if the proposed branch would directly contribute to serving the needs of majority-minority census tracts.
In total, 7,936 (96%) of 8,304 influenza-related hospitalizations were coded to census tract, including 5,624 in 2010-2011 and 2,312 in 2011-2012.
The Connecticut EIP analyzed influenza-associated hospitalizations and census tract SES following the process used by the Public Health Disparities Geocoding Project (8).
The settlement requires Associated to open four loan production offices in majority-minority census tracts (three in the Chicago area and one in the Milwaukee area), subject to regulatory approval.
Finally, 2000 US Census Tract Summary File 3 data was used to gather specific characteristics of suburban destination communities.
School enrollment and the number of nonmedical exemptions also were aggregated to the census tract level.
They compared banks in a particular census tract undergoing CRA exams over the years 1999-2009 with banks not undergoing exams in the same month.
Lenard Lesser and his colleagues suggest that the more outdoor advertisements promoting fast food and soft drinks there are in a given census tract, the higher the likelihood that the area's residents are overweight.