cellular manufacturing

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cellular manufacturing


group technology

a means of obtaining the benefits of PROCESS-FOCUSED LAYOUT and PRODUCT-FOCUSED LAYOUT by seeking similarities within tasks, jobs, products and processes. These are identified and formed into families and the resources required are formed into ‘groups’ or ‘cells’. The net effect is to reduce work in progress, set up times and throughput times as well as creating better social relationships amongst employees using the system. The technique relies on a coding system (see PARTS FAMILY CODING AND CLASSIFICATION SYSTEMS). The components need not be for the same product but will all be worked on in the same cell.

Cellular manufacturing applications have the following characteristics:

groups are team oriented, groups produce or carry out a specific ‘family’ or set of tasks or products, groups are equipped with a specific set of equipment solely for the use of the group, equipment is located in one area – the cell, the workers within the group share a specific target and the group operates as independently as possible self assigning workloads within the cell. See LEAN MANUFACTURING.

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The Juno acquisition positions Celgene as a leading cellular immunotherapy company by adding novel technology and advanced cellular manufacturing capabilities to its broad commercial portfolio and pipeline of therapies addressing serious unmet needs in hematology and oncology.
This facility features enhanced product development capabilities, cellular manufacturing and high-efficiency production lines in Class 7 & 8 clean rooms.
That patent also allows for the automated isolation of cells with low density surface antigens, which was previously a major cellular manufacturing challenge.
Cellular manufacturing integrates the advantages of the principle of group manufacturing and assembly line manufacturing.
A simulation study of focused cellular manufacturing as an alternative batch-processing layout.
The new building will give us room to expand for future growth as well as do more cellular manufacturing to increase efficiency," said David Bonvenuto, Oberg's president and CEO.
In 2001, we began cellular manufacturing in order to achieve a multi-product line with small quantity production for each item as efficiently as possible.
He outlines the current state of existing methods used in the handling of the bottleneck machines and parts problem, which results in cellular manufacturing system design to build products using as little waste as possible; sequence-based cellular manufacturing for the machine cell formation step and tools for structuring problems, describing uncertainty, assessing risks, and reaching decisions; cellular manufacturing and jidoka (autonomation); bottom-line-based cellular manufacturing that aims for profit maximization; the performance evaluation and robust design of cellular manufacturing systems; and networked cellular manufacturing systems and their risk engineering.
Production results are standardized for each manufacturing method, including cellular manufacturing, single-piece flow, and production lines.
We anticipate many synergies across the company as we utilize PG's expertise in cellular manufacturing to assist us in better designing our value-added operations in the foundries.
Topics include sustainable design, cellular manufacturing systems, optimizing supply chain network design, machine failure time detection through product defects, and a simulation-based methodology for manufacturing complexity analysis.
However, OVO's team has seen the efficiencies driven by a holistic approach to Lean manufacturing in other parts of EPIC and has evolved its purely cellular manufacturing to a more flexible strategy.

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