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Boys in the Rhondda Valley must not be allowed to grow up into cat burglars," he added.
Norman Pace, as the showman of a travelling theatre troupe, and Peter Duncan, who plays cat burglar and murderer Charlie Peace, are in Coventry from tomorrow.
He has an image - of a gentleman cat burglar - that they come to admire," he added.
He is a seasoned cat burglar, regularly bringing home "treasures" from neighbours' houses.
THIS pet puss is a real-life cat burglar who has stolen more than 30 pairs of socks from her owner's neighbours.
And Tubs' nerdy glasses didn't go unnoticed by Bressie - who raised a cheeky eyebrow in his own cat burglar look.
An encounter with wily cat burglar Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) draws Bruce into the orbit of hulking terrorist Bane (Tom Hardy).
To complete the mission, they team up with nimble cat burglar Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek).
A CAT burglar has admitted his part in a bungled break-in after being arrested on the roof of the home he raided.
Cat burglar BANK robber Sebastiano Boscolo thought he'd pulled off the purr-fect crime - but was trapped by the DNA profile of his cat.
Or perhaps he's a cat burglar and he's robbed a supply of Whiskers from the local supermarket.
the American heiress Frances (Grace Kelly) asks a retired cat burglar John Robie (Cary Grant) in Alfred Hitchcock's 1955 romantic-suspense film ``To Catch a Thief,'' out today on DVD.